2004 Buckskin AQHA #4521830

Romeo is an AQHA buckskin stallion, standing 15hh and 1,200 lbs. His pedigree goes back to several Foundation Quarter Horse sires including Poco Bueno, Leo and King, and is a proven color producer.

Romeo stuns you with his good looks and is a smooth, steady, unflappable personality. He is a constant force with no extreme highs or lows and remains consistent and powerful. His strength comes with his inability to be flustered, ruffled or spastic. He acquires new skills easily, and one of the bragging rights of every owner of a Romeo baby is their ease of trainability and tractable nature they receive from him. Even though Romeo is mainly the get-down-to-business type, he still never passes up an opportunity to play, and is extremely gentle with young horses, an aspect not usually found in a stallion.

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